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Since 2011, Huskey Turf Solutions Has Provided

Professional Weed Control in Edmond, OK

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We Eliminate Weeds From Your Beautiful Lawn!

Weeds can be intrusive and damaging, without proper maintenance those weeds can starve the other plants on your lawn giving your property a bad curb appeal. Our Weed Control service offers an extensive solution to fixing your weed infestation. From helping hundreds of people in Edmond, OK, we've seen first hand what weeds can do to a lawn; left untreated, your weed situation can cost you a fortune in lawn and landscape damages. 


With our 7 Step Weed Control and Fertilization Program, we not only kill your weeds, but we keep them from coming back. With all this talk of killing weeds, it is important to note that we take the safety of your family very seriously!

We take all the proper precautions to ensure that the chemicals we use do not impact your family or other plants on your property. If you have further questions about our Weed Control in Edmond, feel free to reach out to us.

7-Step Weed Control and Fertilization Program

1 – Pre- Spring Lawn application: We apply pre-emergent to control crabgrass and other summer weeds. We also apply post-emergent to control broadleaf weeds such as henbit, clover, chickweed, and dandelions.

2 - Spring Lawn Application: We re-apply pre-emergent to extend weed control through summer. We re-apply post-emergent to extend weed control for grassy weeds.

3 - Early Summer Lawn Application: We fertilize to green up your lawn and also promote root growth. If needed, we will spot-spray any trouble areas for weeds in your lawn.

4 - Mid- Summer Lawn Application: We fertilize to ensure your lawn stays green and thick during the summer months. If needed, we will spot-spray any trouble areas for weeds in your lawn.

5 - Late Summer Lawn Application: We do one last summer fertilizer to continue to ensure your grass stays healthy and thick for the remainder of the growing season. If needed, we will spot-spray any trouble areas for weeds in your lawn.

6 - Fall Lawn Application: We apply our winter fertilizer, ensuring your lawn receives all the nutrients it needs to survive the winter months.

7 - Winter Lawn Application: We apply pre-emergent to control winter broadleaf weed. We also apply post-emergent to control the broadleaf.

Our team of weed control specialists has been serving Edmond, OK, since 2011. Since then, we've learned what is best for the lawns in the local area, and now we want to help you. If you've been having issues with weeds, give us a call at 405-760-0107.

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What Makes Our Company Different

Family Owned

We're a 100% family owned lawn care company that can't wait to serve you!

Safety First

Unlike other lawn care companies, we ensure that your gates are closed before we leave.

Clean Up

No one likes a mess! When we're finished we'll bag up any left over weeds.



Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

People in Edmond, OK Love Our Weed Control Services!

"We contacted A Cut Above on a Sunday to see if they could assist with a 2-acre yard that had been neglected for at least 5-years. There were piles of dead trees & branches everywhere. He met us the very same day, and we told Aaron there was no hurry because of how bad it was. Even with the rain, he finished it faster than we thought was possible. It is now in a condition that we are very proud of & enjoy seeing as we drive by.

We highly recommend A Cut Above and will be using them again in the future!"

Anne - Edmond, Oklahoma

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