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Grub Treatment

Huskey Turf Solutions - Webworm Treatment

Unleash your lawn's full potential with the Huskey Turf Grub Treatment, the definitive answer to protecting it from grubs throughout the season. Grubs, the bane of lush lawns, can stunt your lawn's growth, leading to unsightly brown patches. But with our strategically timed treatments, you can say goodbye to these pests for good!

Grub Treatment: Your Lawn Will Thank You

​Every blade of grass in your garden is a testament to your dedication, and our product is designed with your efforts in mind. Offering a tailored approach, the Huskey Turf Grub Treatment ensures that you hit grubs hardest when they're most vulnerable:

Spring Awakening (April - May):

Our first treatment comes into play as your lawn shakes off the winter chill and grubs begin to stir from their hibernation. Apply the Grub Treatment to stop these pests before they can cause extensive damage, ensuring your greens remain verdant and vigorous.

Summer Shield (July - August):

Transitioning into summer, grubs are at their peak activity, munching away underground at your garden's roots. The second treatment curtails the grub life cycle, preventing your lawn from becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Understanding the Grub Life Cycle:

Grubs, namely the larvae of various beetles, including May Beetles (June Bugs), systematically damage your lawn as part of their growth cycle. In the early summer, they lay eggs in the soil, which hatch into grubs that feast on the roots of your grass. Come fall, these grubs dig deeper into the soil to escape the cold, only to resurface in spring to continue their cycle of devastation.

Why Our Grub Treatment Stands Out?
  • Targeted Treatment Times: Our grub treatment is efficient and effective because we match our application times with the grubs' life cycle.

  • Annual Solution: We help you maintain a grub-free lawn without constant upkeep with just two treatments per year.

  • Preventive and Curative: It works to not only eliminate current infestations but also to prevent future outbreaks.

Don't let your precious lawn turn into a warzone for grubs. Choose the Huskey Turf Grub Treatment and invest in your lawn's health, beauty, and resilience.



Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced


"Husky Turf has been doing our lawn care for over a year. They always do a great job and worked with me to find a plan that fit my budget while also keeping my yard looking good. They always tell me when they are coming by and what I should expect. Highly recommend!"

Heather - Guthrie, Oklahoma

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