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Bagworm Treatment

Huskey Turf Solutions - Bagworm Treatment

Transform your landscape from bagworm-infested to pristine with Huskey Turf Solutions' cutting-edge treatment. Specially formulated for homeowners plagued by these voracious pests, our solution promises not just to control the infestation but to rejuvenate your green spaces.

Why Choose Huskey Turf Solutions?

  • Flexible Treatment Schedule: We can spray anytime from March to December, so we can help take care of these pests at almost any time during the year.

  • Efficiency: Our potent formulation aims to tackle your bagworm problem effectively, possibly requiring only one well-timed treatment.

  • Preventative and Curative: Our treatment eradicates current infestations and wards off future ones when applied during the early stages of bagworm development.

  • Long-Term Landscape Health: By tackling bagworm infestations, we help you maintain and enjoy healthy trees and shrubs' full aesthetic and environmental benefits.

Understand the Enemy - Bagworms

Bagworms are more than a mere nuisance; they can cause significant harm to your trees and ornamental plants. These pests skillfully camouflage and munch through foliage, causing defoliation and potentially killing your beloved plants. With Huskey Turf Solutions, you gain an ally in protecting the health and beauty of your landscape against these silent invaders.

Make the Right Choice for Your Lawn and Garden

Choose Huskey Turf Solutions - Bagworm Treatment today and witness firsthand how vibrant and full of life your property can be, free from the clutches of bagworms.

For lush landscapes and peace of mind, contact us and schedule your treatment now!



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Professional & Experienced


"Husky Turf has been doing our lawn care for over a year. They always do a great job and worked with me to find a plan that fit my budget while also keeping my yard looking good. They always tell me when they are coming by and what I should expect. Highly recommend!"

Heather - Guthrie, Oklahoma


We provide lawn care services to customers across the GuthrieEdmond OK area

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