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Pre-season Scalping

What is Pre-season Scalping?

Scalping, is simply setting your mower on the lowest setting, mowing your lawn, and bagging the clippings. This will remove all your dead grass that has kept your roots insulated all winter and enable the sun to warm the ground more quickly giving your Bermuda a jump start on green up.


The ideal time to scalp is between April 1st-April 15th   after the last chance of frost has past. Don’t scalp your Bermuda grass unless you’re getting ready to overseed with rye (in the fall) or when it is just starting to green up in the spring time. Do NOT scalp your fescue. If you are getting ready to overseed your lawn in the fall then it is okay to cut your lawn short other then that fescue should never be cut short.

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A Cut Above has given us great service for at least 4 years now. The owner will check in with us and the employees are always nice and ask how they are doing and if we are satisfied with the work. I have had them help us with our lawn care and maintenance and help with over grown bushes and trees. They have been treating our yard for weeds and its been less than a year and our grass is beautiful! Highly recommend.

Tammy Salem-Berg

Edmond, Oklahoma

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